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XI'AN International Medical Center Hospital—Mayo Clinic collaboration

Author:admin      Time:2021-12-07     Number :1196

Xi 'an International Medical Center Hospital has become a member of Mayo Clinic Care Network.

Medical staff of Xi 'an International Medical Center Hospital can take part in academic speeches and regular seminars offered through the Mayo Clinic Care Network; consult medical care guidelines and treatment suggestions etc.; consult Mayo Clinic specialists via electronic means to seek treatment advice for patients; discuss complex case management with experts in the United States through live video conference to improve patient care and outcomes.

Meantime, patients who come to Xi 'an International Medical Center hospital can enjoy the rich medical resources used by their physicians through the  hospital's membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network, including eConsults with Mayo Clinic specialists and other services. So to speak patients with complicated conditions can hear the "second voice" of American medical experts when they come to Xi 'an International Medical Center Hospital, which will bring new hope to patients and their families.