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500 days of "transformation", she found a new self

Author:admin      Time:2024-03-14     Number :167

I am a patient in the oncology department. Today, I am grateful to all the doctors and nurses who have worked hard for me during my illness.  I sincerely thank you!  On the afternoon of March 12th, patient Ms. Wang sent a thank-you letter to the medical staff, describing her "transformation" experience over the past year.

"I used to be a very arrogant person, but after going through this disease, I have completely changed. I have learned to be tolerant and understand others. In this world, 'health' is the most important thing." Ms. Wang, 49 years old, was diagnosed with ovarian malignant tumor in October 2022, accompanied by multiple systemic metastases.

Thank you for all the encounters

When she first learned of this terrible news, she couldn't accept it. She felt very bad, often lost her temper, and was very resistant to treatment.  Within a few days, she asked to be discharged.

Three months later, the abdominal cavity effusion became more and more serious, and she came to the hospital again for treatment. "The patient is in a lot of pain and is feeling irritable, which is normal, but we cannot be emotional." The head doctor Wang Xinli constantly advised Ms. Wang and encouraged her to cheer up and actively undergo treatment.

After 26 hospitalizations for chest perfusion, abdominal perfusion, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy, Ms. Wang's condition was brought under control one year later and she entered the maintenance treatment stage.  Her indicators and state were all very good, and she was full of vitality. She said that through more than a year of treatment, she not only had thoughts and awe about life, but was also moved by the selfless dedication of doctors and nurses!

"Thank you, Dean Xue Yan, for leading this excellent team. I will never forget your figure of insisting on doing weekly ward rounds in a wheelchair during your leg injury. Thank you, Dr. Su Yan, for your unremitting encouragement when I wanted to give up treatment in the first stage, which made me regain confidence in treatment. Special thanks to my attending doctors, Dr. Wang Xinli and Dr. Huang Wei, for the great care and help you gave me in my most painful and desperate moments. Thank you, dear head nurse Li Dongmei and her team of nurses, for your meticulous nursing care and warm encouragement, which drove away the haze of despair for me... In our interactions, I appreciate your love, understand your painstaking efforts, like your kindness, know your carefulness, and respect your sincerity!" Ms. Wang carefully recorded the details of the treatment.

From a passive and decadent state to a positive and optimistic one, Ms. Wang has faced her illness with calmness and reexamined herself during the 500-plus days. With a proper diet, regular exercise, and regular checkups, she has started a new life.