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Introduction to Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital

Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital is the largest single area general hospital in China,integrated of medical treatment,scientific research,teaching,health care,rehabilitation, health management,constructed as Grade 3A and international JCI certification standards,which is a non-affiliated hospital of Northwest University and Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine. The hospital is located at No.777,Xitai Road, Xi'an High-tech Zone, covering an area of 307.61 mu, with a construction area of 532500 square meters and a maximum of 5037 beds.Start station of Metro Line 6 Phase I is Northwestern Polytechnical University , with a terminal station "Xi'an International Medical Center", which connected with the medical building.It is a designated hospital for urban and rural residents,,maternity,industrial injury and retirement medical insurance.

It has 11 specialized hospitals for heart disease,chest,digestive disease,orthopedic,tumor,gynecological,hematological disease, brain department, plastic surgery, rehabilitation and children;also set up clinical,medical technology and auxiliary diagnosis departments:intensive care unit, urology surgery,nephrology,pediatrics,endocrine,ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology surgery, stomatology, rheumatism immunology, geriatrics,rehabilitation,prevention and health care, infectious liver disease center, psychosomatic,traditional Chinese medicine, first aid center, anaesthesia operation center, radiotherapy center, ultrasound diagnosis center, imaging diagnosis center, nuclear medicine, hemodialysis center, inspection center, pathological diagnosis center, clinical experiment center, blood transfusion department, physical examination center, hyperbaric oxygen treatment center, nutrition department, disinfection supply center, VIP special diagnosis center, information center, medical engineering department, pharmaceutical department etc.

It has a reasonable talents structure.More than 20% of the doctors have senior technical titles, more than 50% of the doctors have master and doctor degrees, and 268 of the doctors are chairman or vice chairman and standing committee in academic organizations above the provincial level.

It is equipped with more than 6000 sets of various medical equipment.The first ZEISS KINEVO 900 robot operating microscope in China,the first Siemens MAGNETOM SKyra 3.0T intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging equipment (MRI),the Philips Ingenia 3.0T MR-RT radiotherapy positioning magnetic resonance equipment and the Siemens "quasi-7T" MAGNETOM Prisma 3.0T magnetic resonance imaging equipment (MRI) in north-west , the first Siemens SOMATOM Force ultra high-end dual source computerized tomography imaging system (CT) in Shaanxi Province, the first Philips IQON Spectral computerized tomography imaging system (CT) and the first Varian Halcyon intelligent radiotherapy system in the west, the first stroke ambulance in the north-west, the first SORZE ICG fluorescence 3D high-end laparoscopy ,the first fourth generation Leonardo da Vinci Xi surgical robot and the first panoramic scanning PET-CT uExplorer with the longest axial diameter. The first Panoramic scanning pet CT with the longest axial diameter in northwest. The first proton radiotherapy system in Northwest has been approved by the National Health Commission.

In May 2021, Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital passed JCI certification, which indicates that the hospital's medical quality and management are in line with international advanced standards, and ranks among the advanced ranks of hospital management.

The hospital takes "let patients live with dignity, and let doctors work with dignity" as its value, takes "gathering the wisdom of human life science and synchronizing the international advanced diagnosis and treatment level" as its vision, adheres "cherishing every service and do it well" as its service concept,makes every effort to build "the international hospital in front of our people", contributes to building a healthy China and realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.