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Our hospital holds the 2023 annual summary and commendation conference

Author:admin      Time:2024-02-02     Number :230

Before stepping on the waves, the wind is strong and steadfast, never neglecting to compose a new chapter. On February 2nd, Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital held the 2023 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference to commend individuals and collectives who have been diligent and outstanding in their work over the past year. It called on all employees to take them as role models and continue to work hard in the new year, promoting the high-quality development of the hospital to a new level.

Sun Wenguo, Vice President of International Medical Group, Wang Yaxing, CFO, Yin Qiang, Dean of Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital, Wang Zhifeng, General Manager, and leaders of various specialized hospitals and departments attended. The meeting is chaired by General Manager Wang Zhifeng.

Amidst the solemn national anthem, the 2023 annual summary and commendation conference kicked off.

Dean Yin Qiang delivered a work report for the year 2023 titled "Consolidating Heart, Creating the Third Class, Forging Ahead, and Creating a Splendid Chapter - Promoting Hospital Construction into a New Stage of High Quality Development". 2023 is a year for the whole hospital to unite and create the top three. It is also a year for the hospital's development to connect the past and the future, and a key year for the high-quality development of hospital construction. This year, medical data has grown significantly; Continuously deepening the creation of the top three; The construction of talent team is orderly; The construction of disciplines has reached a higher level; Stable cultivation of distinctive technologies; Creating new achievements in scientific research and academia; The teaching and training have yielded fruitful results; Comprehensive improvement of high-quality services; The quality of connotation is improving upwards; Improve service quality and efficiency. Under the correct leadership of the group, all staff of the hospital united and worked together to successfully complete all annual tasks.

Dean Yin Qiang has designated the "Medical Quality Improvement Year" as the theme year of the hospital in 2024 and has planned and deployed it. Firstly, successfully passing the evaluation of tertiary hospitals and improving the quality of medical services; The second is to continuously increase the introduction of outstanding talents and improve the level of the talent team; Thirdly, we will vigorously enhance the level of disciplinary strength and enhance the core competitiveness of the discipline; The fourth is to comprehensively promote the construction of the standard system and strengthen the connotation and quality of hospitals; Fifth, deepen and refine the high-quality service system, and improve the level of high-quality services; Six is to focus on building brand cultural concepts and enhancing the soft power of hospital culture; The seventh is to actively comply with the national medical reform and optimize the performance system of medical insurance; Eighth, optimize the innovation service guarantee system and build intelligent and efficient mechanisms; Nine is to strengthen the team of powerful government agencies and create a harmonious and upward atmosphere; The tenth is to deepen the five-year development plan and promote high-quality development of hospitals.

In the awarding session, Sun Wenguo, Vice President, Yin Qiang, President, Wang Yaxing, Chief Financial Officer, Li Wuping, Yang Feng, Liu Yantong, Fu Qiang, Vice President, and He Xiaoning, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, respectively presented awards to 91 recognized exemplary organization and personal representatives, including outstanding managers and exemplary individual, advanced departments and departments, outstanding head nurses, advanced scientific research departments and individuals, outstanding employee representatives, and advanced employee representatives.

Vice President Sun Wenguo extends warm congratulations to the advanced collectives and individuals who have been commended, and hopes that Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital will further enhance its sense of social responsibility and mission; Further strengthen the construction of medical ethics and style, improve medical safety and service quality; Further strengthen the construction of talent teams and improve scientific research and academic level; Further consolidate the work of creating the top three hospitals, fulfill the sacred responsibility of being a good doctor, and strive for the health and well-being of the people with full enthusiasm!

"We protect immeasurable value, and we walk together to sing the long song of love..." All employees sing the "Long Song of Love" together, the beautiful song echoing for a long time.

Amidst enthusiastic applause from the whole audience, the leaders of the group and the hospital extended their New Year greetings to all employees!

On a journey of thousands of miles, the wind is strong, and the heavy responsibility is daunting. In the new year, the development of Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital is bridging the gap between the past and the future, and is about to usher in an important historical node of its fifth anniversary. All employees are determined to listen to and follow the Party, always adhering to the principle of putting the people first and life first, wholeheartedly protecting the lives and health of the people, and forging ahead to write a brilliant chapter of the hospital's new journey of high-quality development. With excellent results, we welcome the fifth anniversary of the hospital's establishment!