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Our hospital's Yttrium 90 treatment for liver tumors won the "Medical Technology Leap Award" on the 2023 Shaanxi Medical General Evaluation List

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Recently, the "Micro Light Becomes a Torch, Walking towards the Light - Healthy Shaanxi High Quality Development Tour and the 2023 Shaanxi Medical General Evaluation List" initiated by the Huashang Daily have been released. The Yttrium 90 Treatment for Liver Tumors at Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital has received unanimous praise and high recognition from society and medical sectors in public voting and expert evaluation, and has won the "Medical Technology Leap Award".

Recommendation: "Yttrium" needle radical treatment, precise guidance, tumor reduction and phase reduction, liver enhancement and transformation. The "nuclear weapon" for liver cancer treatment!

Can it be cut or cannot it be cut? The outcome of liver cancer is vastly different!

Malignant liver tumors are one of the most common causes of cancer death in China, known as the "king of cancer". Every year, there are 900000 new liver cancer cases and 830000 deaths worldwide, with more than half of them occurring in China. About 80% of liver cancer patients are diagnosed for the first time in the middle and late stages, losing the opportunity for surgical treatment.

Previous studies have shown that the 5-year survival rate of early liver cancer patients undergoing curative liver resection is 56.9% -77.2%; The overall efficacy of unresectable liver cancer is poor, with a 5-year survival rate of less than 12%.

Yttrium 90 microsphere selective internal irradiation therapy (referred to as Yttrium 90) can improve liver function, reduce tumor volume, eliminate tumor thrombi, and increase remaining liver volume in mid to late stage liver cancer, which was originally unresectable, after descending phase transformation, providing patients with a new opportunity for surgery. Thus prolonging life and improving survival.

Yttrium 90: A Nuclear Weapon for the Treatment of Liver Cancer

Yttrium-90 is a local, minimally invasive, and internal radiation therapy for the treatment of liver cancer. The principle is to use precise microcatheter intervention technology to inject microsphere injection containing yttrium 90 nuclide into the artery supplying nutrition to the tumor. After entering the tumor through the bloodstream, drugs are highly concentrated and released β Radiation can kill tumor cells at close range and with high energy, thereby reducing tumor volume and achieving complete necrosis, achieving a therapeutic effect.

The characteristics of yttrium 90 resin microspheres include: 1) small diameter, about 20-60 μ m. It can reach the smallest blood vessels of the tumor to exert radioactive killing effects without overflowing; 2) Light in weight, it can enter the tumor with blood flow and will not deposit on the vascular wall, ensuring uniform and comprehensive coverage of the tumor; 3) Issued β The radiation has a short range and a killing range of only about 2.5mm, which can protect the normal liver to the greatest extent possible.

Due to its high energy, precise radiation, and no damage to surrounding normal liver tissue, it carries out precise strikes on tumors from the inside out, earning the industry a reputation as a precision guided "nuclear weapon" for liver cancer treatment.

Each has its own characteristics in the early, middle, and late stages

For early liver cancer patients with multiple underlying diseases and poor tumor anatomical location, Yttrium-90 can achieve a curative effect equivalent to surgery without surgery; For mid-term liver cancer patients who have difficulty in surgical resection, it is possible to reduce tumor size, increase residual liver, and regain the opportunity for surgery; For late stage and heavy load liver cancer patients, the goal of reducing tumor burden, controlling progression, improving quality of life, and prolonging survival time can also be achieved.

Compared with other treatment methods, Yttrium-90 has a dual therapeutic effect of "strong tumor reduction" and "increasing residual liver volume". Simultaneously, it has precise, efficient, and maximizes the protection of normal liver tissue; The complete elimination rate of lesions is high, effectively reducing the risk of postoperative recurrence; Due to its advantages such as short treatment cycle, fewer adverse reactions, and minimal impact on the patient's physical condition, it plays an increasingly important role in the treatment of liver cancer.

Development status both domestically and internationally

Yttrium-90 has been approved for marketing in over 50 countries and regions worldwide, with a total of over 120000 treatments. Its safety and efficacy have been confirmed by more than 20 years of clinical application, and have been recommended by multiple authoritative guidelines in the United States, Europe, and China.

Yttrium 90 microsphere injection was approved for domestic market by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) of China on February 9, 2022. Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital is one of the few medical institutions in China that has successfully obtained the Yttrium 90 microsphere treatment franchise qualification. Since its approval, the team has completed dozens of precision intervention surgeries for Yttrium-90 treatment of liver tumors, including various types of liver tumors such as primary liver cancer and colorectal cancer with liver metastasis. The oldest patient is 88 years old and has been discharged smoothly. Follow up and re examination have shown good therapeutic effects.