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Close to the heart, adherent to the aorta... This "super surgery" removes a huge tumor

Author:admin      Time:2024-03-18     Number :160

The mediastinum, a hidden corner of the chest, is a "heavy disaster area" for tumors.

The resection of a huge mediastinal tumor is a very difficult surgery that requires not only superb skills, but also extraordinary courage and extensive experience.

Recently, Li Xiaofei, the executive dean of the chest hospital, successfully removed a huge mediastinal tumor for the patient, which rekindled the patient's hope for life. The successful implementation of this surgery once again demonstrated the strong professional strength of the chest surgery team led by Dean Li Xiaofei.

No coughing, no phlegm, no chest tightness... Mr. Peng, 68 years old, never expected that a 10.7 cm long anterior mediastinal tumor would be detected during the physical examination.

"Having such a large tumor, the whole family was worried. After asking many people, we learned that Dean Li Xiaofei has treated many difficult and serious cases and has unique insights into mediastinal tumors." After much inquiry, Mr. Peng's children took their father to Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital for treatment.

The location of the mediastinum is somewhat unfamiliar to many people, but tumors that grow in this location are like a "ticking time bomb" that threatens the life of the patient at any time.

The mediastinum is located between the bilateral chest and behind the sternum.  This area contains the heart and large blood vessels that enter and exit the heart, esophagus, trachea, thymus, nerves, and lymphatic tissues.  It is the location of important vital organs. Due to the complex anatomical structure of multiple vital organs, surgical requirements are extremely high, and any slight carelessness can lead to damage to the heart and large blood vessels, nerves, trachea, and other serious complications.

After receiving Mr. Peng, Dean Li Xiaofei conducted a detailed assessment of his condition and formulated a comprehensive treatment plan.

Mr. Peng's tumor was too large and was adhered to important blood vessels, making complete resection very difficult.  Dividing the tumor into multiple pieces would be more secure. However, if tumor cells fell off during the procedure, it could lead to chest implantation metastasis in the patient. To reduce the risk of tumor recurrence and metastasis, Li Xiaofei, the hospital's director, decided to adopt a complete resection plan.

On the day of surgery, with the full cooperation of the Department of Hand Surgery, President Li Xiaofei and Vice President Li Wenhai led the chest surgery team to perform a vertical sternotomy thymectomy lymph node dissection partial pericardiectomy pericardial repair for the patient.

During the operation, it was observed that the tumor had invaded the aorta, pericardium, large mediastinal vessels, and diaphragm, with unclear boundaries with surrounding tissues. The pericardium was closely attached to the heart, and the thin outer wall of the blood vessels could not tolerate any deviation.  The scissors were almost in close proximity to the beating heart, advancing slowly and deftly... The surgery was like walking into a minefield, extremely dangerous!

After more than four hours, the experts relied on their superb skills and rich surgical experience to gradually separate the tumor, and finally the giant tumor with a diameter of 12cm was completely removed, and the surgery was successful!

After the surgery, Mr. Peng was treated and cared for carefully and recovered and discharged from the hospital.

For a long time, under the leadership of President Li Xiaofei, this chest surgery team, which is proficient in professional technology, good at meticulous nursing, and brave in innovation, has been striving to explore and innovate in higher medical fields, bringing benefits to the majority of patients with difficult and critical conditions.