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With a humanistic touch, a warm atmosphere, and music therapy, this hospital makes medical treatment more comfortable

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How to create a comfortable diagnosis and treatment environment, return medicine to humanity, and make the service warm and spring-like? Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital has taken new measures to enable patients to overcome diseases together with medical staff in a relaxed, pleasant and trusting atmosphere.

Chinese paintings, oil paintings and "childish" children's paintings make the consultation area warm

Walking into the spacious and bright consultation area of the medical building of Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital, a series of "childlike" paintings full of childlike innocence and joy attracted many patients' families waiting for treatment to stop and watch. The innocent brush strokes are full of the meaning of love, which is the integration of health, medical care and art, healing the heart and conveying hope, adding a warm color to the consultation area.

This is a colorful castle, an artistic palace, and a fully functional health city. At the beginning of the hospital's opening, it collected children's paintings from tens of thousands of "little painters" in 178 schools and institutions inside and outside the province with the theme of "love and hope". The children used their rich imagination to melt the materials such as plasticine, cotton, cardboard, etc. into their paintings, depicting the love and hope in their hearts. More than 5,300 works were selected, and the winning works were hung in the hospital.

In addition to children's paintings, the hospital also hung hundreds of Chinese paintings that express the spirit through the form and pursue the artistic conception, as well as oil paintings with rich colors and three-dimensional images and portraits of Nobel Prize winners in medicine in the corridors. Patients waiting for treatment and receiving treatment can enjoy the paintings on the walls, alleviating their anxiety and serious tension during the medical treatment.

Each consulting area is equipped with TV screens and projectors, which continuously broadcast health science knowledge, professional advantages, and expert introductions. Patients are attracted by these at first sight when entering the consulting area. The consulting areas of the hospital are relatively independent, with separate waiting areas, consulting rooms, and treatment areas.

In addition to a warm environment, the department also arranges specialist nurses to provide guidance and care. These intimate measures greatly reduce patients' fear and alleviate their anxiety.

The "Love Kitchen" has touched countless patients

The dim lamp illuminates the wayfarers on the cold night, while the red cooking fire gives off the fragrance of family love and the smell of human activity, which most comforts the patient's heart

In an unassuming kitchen within the medical building of Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital, voices are in full swing.

The hospital provides the "Love Kitchen" with a stove, kitchenware, seasonings, seasonal vegetables, rice, flour, and oil, all of which are free to use.

The small room was filled with patients' family members who were cooking for themselves. Here, they didn't know each other, but they ate the taste of home. There were mothers who cooked soup for their sons, husbands who cooked for their wives, and granddaughters who cooked for their grandmothers for the first time

My wife has a bad tooth and usually likes to eat the tomato and egg noodles I make. Before going to the hospital, she was worried about the inconvenience. With this kitchen, I feel like I'm at home

I never expected to find a halal kitchen! The hospital is so considerate

"Eating is a trivial matter, but also a big deal. If the patient can eat comfortably and with confidence, it is a great thing for the family members."

The whole house is filled with human smoke and fire, which is constantly rising here.

In this 80 square meter kitchen, people with different experiences but similar fates are busy preparing delicious meals for their loved ones and taking a break for their tired souls. After loading the hot meals, they walk out the door with one common goal and wish for their family's safety and health.

In 2021, Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital opened a love kitchen in the hospital's food center and the basement of the medical building, which was divided into ordinary and halal areas. It was equipped with a full set of cooking utensils and various ingredients, providing free self-service for patients and their families in need, allowing their families to feel at ease and patients to eat comfortably. The love kitchen has served more than 50,000 people in the past three years.

As thousands of people come and go in the cold and hot seasons, the most common thing is the human atmosphere of fireworks. It is often used to comfort patients, which is a true portrayal of the "Love Kitchen" of Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital.

For patients, a familiar taste from their family's cooking may be a source of strength to fight against the disease.

The dim light illuminates the wayfarers on the cold night, and the red stove emits the smell of family love.

This hidden in the kitchen of the ward, cooking anxiety and bitterness, bringing out warmth and fragrance, accustomed to seeing the vicissitudes of life, they are always silently ready to burn fire.

Piano music soothes the soul of patients

A grand hall, in which a piano is placed.

Four pianos are placed at the four corners of the medical building of Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital. Since its opening in September 2019, the hospital regularly invites patients, their families and piano volunteers to play. It is also the first hospital in Xi'an to introduce piano music. Whenever patients are discharged, the hospital will hold a small concert for patients who love piano.

The beautiful sound of the piano eased the anxiety of the patient during the medical treatment and healed the patient's soul.

The piano placed in the bright hall was particularly eye-catching. The relaxed melody and cheerful tune calmed down the patients' hearts. People who were seeing a doctor stopped in their tracks, some standing, some sitting, some pushing wheelchairs, some leaning against the corridor, and some children holding their parents' hands and walking to the side of the piano to watch curiously. Some even played a song on the spot to express their feelings.

In this bustling hall and corridors, the sound of piano music occasionally fills the air, making the footsteps of those who pass through it lighter and more lively.