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Good news for cancer patients! Successful hoisting of the first proton center cyclotron in northwest China

Author:admin      Time:2024-06-18     Number :121

On June 18th, Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital held a lifting ceremony for the proton center cyclotron. The cyclotron being lifted this time is the most core and critical component of the proton therapy system, which means that the proton therapy system has entered the precision installation, debugging, and acceptance stage. This also marks a new chapter in the diagnosis and treatment of tumors in the northwest region!

International Medical Group Chairman Shi Jin, President Liu Ruixuan, Vice Chairman Wang Aiping, Senior Vice President and Greater China President of Varian Medical Group Zhang Xiao, Varian Medical Proton Global Site Vice President Brendan Lyden, Chairman of China Construction Third Engineering Group Northwest Company Lu Huayong, General Manager of Beijing Yanhua Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. Geng Huanran, Dean of Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital Yin Qiang, North Campus Dean of Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital He Xijing, General Manager Zheng Hongzhi and other leaders attended the ceremony. More than 100 representatives of employees and media reporters attended. The ceremony was presided over by Wang Zhifeng, General Manager of Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital.

At the ceremony, Dean Yin Qiang delivered a speech expressing gratitude to friends from all walks of life who have provided care, assistance, and support in the hospital's construction and development process for a long time! The hospital will take this lifting ceremony as an opportunity to listen to and follow the Party, adhere to the principle of "putting the people first and life first", and safeguard the lives and health of the people.

Lu Huayong, Chairman of Northwest Company of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, stated that the lifting of the cyclotron marks the comprehensive entry of the project into the equipment installation stage, and a crucial step forward towards high-quality delivery. China Construction Third Engineering Bureau will continue to strengthen quality control, accelerate construction progress, and ensure timely delivery of projects in subsequent construction.

Zhang Xiao, Senior Vice President and President of Greater China at Varian Medical, delivered a speech stating that in the future, we will provide comprehensive support in the installation, maintenance, operation, training, research, and other aspects of proton therapy systems. Together with hospitals, we will provide high-quality diagnostic and treatment services to patients, helping more patients overcome their illnesses and enjoy a better life.

Amidst enthusiastic applause from the entire audience, the attending leaders jointly launched the push!

Accompanied by the salute of cannons, the large crane slowly lifted the cyclotron and steadily placed it into the proton center machine room.

The latest generation ProBeam 360 degree proton therapy system from the world's top manufacturer Varian is being hoisted this time. The system can provide fully integrated Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT), leading the industry with superconducting cyclotron, 360 degree rotating frame, and high-speed pencil beam scanning technology. It is currently one of the world's top proton therapy systems.

The full name of proton therapy is proton radiation therapy, which has three major advantages: high accuracy, small side effects, and strong killing power. Unlike traditional radiotherapy, proton therapy equipment is like a "sniper rifle" that targets tumor cells and delivers precise strikes, achieving a "three-dimensional directional explosion" of the tumor and minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues and organs.

As a key project in the field of proton therapy in the northwest region, the Proton Center of Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital has achieved outstanding achievements in project approval and construction. On October 27, 2020, the hospital obtained the "Proton Radiation Therapy System Configuration License" issued by the National Health Commission. It is the only large-scale medical equipment in Northwest China and the sixth approved medical institution in the country in the 13th Five Year Plan for Class A medical equipment. On September 25, 2022, the proton center project began construction. The total construction area is 14103.58 square meters, with one floor above ground and two floors underground, which combines proton therapy center, boron neutron therapy center, and Class IV standard nuclear drug center. On October 25, 2023, the proton center was fully capped, and at the same time, the core component of the proton therapy system, the cyclotron, was successfully discharged from the production plant.

In the future, Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital will rely on a strong team of experts and talents, gather international advanced medical equipment, and become a "cancer treatment center" with full technological means, international first-class, and domestic leading. It will quickly drive and improve the level of tumor diagnosis and treatment in Shaanxi Province and even the northwest region, safeguard the physical health of the people, and contribute greater strength to the construction of a healthy China!