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Tribute to Chinese Physicians' Day - Moving Forward for Love

Author:admin      Time:2023-08-19     Number :343


An ordinary yet great name

A profession related to life


What kind of people are they

Is the savior in the eyes of patients

It's a special forces soldier who dares to fight against Death

In this world

There are no heroes falling from the sky

Only mortals who stand up

They are dressed in white

Race Against Time

Just to save lives

They stick to their positions

Run on the front line

Just to defend the health of the people

August 19th is the sixth "Chinese Physicians' Day", with the theme of "bravely undertaking the mission of health and forging new achievements of the times". We pay tribute to the doctors, pour our utmost sincerity into the beautiful life of the people with the power of great love, and hold compassion for the health and well-being of humanity; We stand shoulder to shoulder with physicians, working together and connecting our hearts and hands to advance the path of a healthy China; We praise doctors for their professional strength, warm care, and immeasurable value of protection.

On the occasion of the sixth Chinese Physicians' Day, Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital sends holiday congratulations to the medical workers, sincere greetings and high respect to the medical workers who are fighting on the front line!