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Professor Anthony T. Yeung, a renowned spine minimally invasive expert from the United States, came to our hospital for academic exchange

Author:admin      Time:2023-08-29     Number :255
On August 25th, Professor Anthony T. Yeung (Yang Tong), a renowned American spinal minimally invasive surgery expert and founder of spinal minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment technology, came to Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital for academic exchange and discussion with experts in the field of spinal surgery in Shaanxi Province. Ding Zhen, Vice President of International Medical Group, Su Gengxun, Vice President of the North Campus of Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital, Liu Jianzhou, Assistant Dean, Wang Zili, Vice President and Director of Spinal Surgery at Orthopedic Hospital, and Wei Jianmin, Director of Spinal Minimally Invasive Department, attended the academic seminar.

Professor Anthony T. Yeung is an orthopedic and minimally invasive endoscopist at the Spinal Minimally Invasive Medical Institution in Arizona, United States. He is the inventor of intervertebral foramen endoscopy, the founder of spinal minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment technology, and the former chairman of the Surgical Treatment Committee of the North American Spinal Association. His contributions to the creation and development of endoscopic spinal surgery/minimally invasive technology have been recognized in the United States and internationally, and he has accumulated extremely rich theoretical and clinical experience in this field, Especially skilled in percutaneous endoscopic treatment of lumbar diseases, students are spread throughout the United States, South America, Europe, and Asia.

On the same day, Professor Anthony T. Yeung first visited the north and south campuses of Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital with spinal surgery experts from Shaanxi Province, including Li Haopeng, Director of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Jiaotong University, Liao Bo, Director of the Orthopedics Department of Tangdu Hospital, Li Quanyi, Director of the Provincial Hospital, and Du Heng, Director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiaotong University. They also went deep into the Adult Rehabilitation Treatment Department and Lifestyle Medicine Department to understand the situation. Every time he went, Professor Anthony T. Yeung inquired in detail and took photos. At the rehabilitation hospital, he bluntly said, "I have never seen such a large rehabilitation treatment department before

In the spinal surgery and minimally invasive department wards, Professor Anthony T. Yeung also conducted clinical rounds and pathological discussions to gain a detailed understanding of some patients' conditions and surgical plans. He had friendly communication and exchange with clinical doctors on surgical details and patient recovery effects.

In order to smoothly carry out this academic exchange activity, He Xijing, the director of the North Campus of Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital, had already made preparations in various aspects a month ago, carefully planning and deploying clinical rounds, case selection, professional discussions, and other details.

At the academic exchange meeting, Vice President Su Gengxun, on behalf of President He Xijing, warmly welcomed Professor Anthony T. Yeung's team and experts from various hospitals in Shaanxi Province to visit the hospital for academic exchange. He hoped that through this academic exchange, more academic and clinical achievements in spinal endoscopy could be obtained, thereby relieving diseases and pain for patients.

Assistant Dean Liu Jianzhou gave a brief introduction to the hospital's basic situation from aspects such as development planning, subject construction, talent team, and treatment characteristics.

In academic exchanges, Director Jianmin of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery Department, titled "Endoscopic Treatment of Lumbar 3-4 Tuberculosis Complicated with Neurological Symptoms" and Deputy Chief Physician Xia Bin titled "Recurrence and Revision of Spinal Surgery after Endoscopic Single-extraction Surgery with Microscopic Fusion", shared cases with various spinal surgery experts through specific and vivid introductions. Professor Anthony T. Yeung highly recognizes and praises the medical technology level of spinal surgery in our hospital, especially Director Wei Jianmin's team's innovation and exploration in minimally invasive spinal surgery.

Subsequently, Professor Anthony T. Yeung gave a thorough and detailed explanation and lecture on the topic of "Current Development and Indications of Spinal Surgery under Transforaminal Microscopy", and also answered and discussed everyone's questions one by one. The academic atmosphere in the venue is strong, with frequent interactive exchanges, involving various aspects such as the selection of minimally invasive endoscopic spinal surgery plans, postoperative infection control, and reduction of degeneration.

As a world-renowned spinal minimally invasive expert, Professor Anthony T. Yeung has come specifically to Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital for academic exchange and exploration, bringing cutting-edge theoretical and clinical exploration internationally, which has a driving role in promoting the development of spinal surgery in Shaanxi Province.

Vice President Ding Zhen stated that Professor Anthony T. Yeung not only provides a lot of support and guidance to everyone, but also brings many clinical concepts and methods. We are very grateful for the professor's excellent teaching and sharing, and hope to have more in-depth communication and strengthen communication and cooperation with Professor Anthony T. Yeung and his team in the field of orthopedics in the future. As a member hospital of the Miaoyou Medical Alliance, Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital will continue to cooperate and exchange with more excellent medical institutions, specialized centers, top scholars, etc., and fully provide patients with higher quality medical services.