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Keep up with international standards! Improving the level of standardized diagnosis and treatment to safeguard the health of patients

Author:admin      Time:2023-12-27     Number :182

Strong cooperation brings new hope to critically ill patients!

Since its collaboration with Miaoyou Medical International in 2021, Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital has actively prepared and continued to carry out the CERTAIN project for improving the clinical medical quality of critical care medicine. The hospital has continuously improved its knowledge training in critical care medicine, medical service quality improvement, scientific research guidance, and other aspects at multiple levels, enhancing the hospital's level of difficult and critical care treatment, and promoting the hospital's level of emergency and critical care treatment to be in line with internationalization, We have cultivated a high-level team of professionals in critical care medicine.

"Through communication and learning, we continuously improve the level of doctors' rapid diagnosis and correct treatment of critical illnesses, ensuring patient safety." Director Chen Lizhan of the Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Department introduced that a team composed of multiple departments such as the Respiratory Intensive Care Unit, Intensive Care Medicine Department, Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, Neurosurgery Intensive Care Unit, and Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care Unit, through doctor training, case discussion Through remote online learning and other methods, we had in-depth exchanges with experts from Miaoyou Medical International on hot topics in critical care medicine, and gained a deeper understanding of high-level homogeneous management.

The term CERTAIN stands for Checklist for Early Recognition and Treatment of Acute Illness and Injury. It is an improvement plan for clinical medical quality, providing a systematic approach based on evidence-based guidance for initial assessment and ongoing management of acute injuries and critically ill patients. This project is a standardized treatment approach for assessing the condition of critically ill patients, designed and summarized through investigation and communication with clinical doctors from different international backgrounds.
From airway management to bedside real-time ultrasound, from mechanical ventilation to extracorporeal membrane oxygenation At the CERTAIN online training conference, Miaoyou Medical International experts provided in-depth teaching and guidance to clinical doctors on disease physiology, cutting-edge treatment concepts, quality control, and department management through the use of asynchronous online learning, remote simulation training, ability assessment, and remote guidance. At the same time, through discussions on multiple cases such as sepsis, hypothermia syndrome, osteofascial compartment syndrome after coronary artery bypass grafting, diffuse nodules in both lungs, and acute right heart failure after tricuspid valve replacement, the comprehensive treatment level of frontline doctors has been further improved.

As of now, there have been 27 CERTAIN online training sessions on improving the quality of clinical care in critical care medicine, including 6 quality improvement meetings, 10 case discussions, and 14 online training sessions.

Protecting immeasurable value! In complex and unknown intensive care units, adhering to patient-centered medical principles and pursuing the best diagnosis and treatment plan under evidence-based guidance are both challenging. Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital, together with Miaoyou Medical International, continuously improves the ability of doctors to treat critically ill patients, better guarantees patient safety, increases the success rate of treatment, and truly achieves the goal of providing medical support for the public.