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Can the tumor disappear without surgery or radiotherapy?

Author:admin      Time:2024-02-26     Number :144
Unwilling to undergo surgery and unable to accept the pain caused by radiotherapy, Mr. Wang, a 56-year-old patient, once thought that he was blocked by lung cancer and had no other way out...
Recently, director Fan Jianyong of the fifth respiratory department of Xi'an International Medical Center Hospital successfully performed a bronchial tumor resection under rigid bronchoscopy for a lung cancer patient, allowing the patient to resume unobstructed breathing.
After experiencing more than 20 days of pain and suffering, Mr. Wang developed symptoms of difficulty breathing due to coughing, expectoration, and persistent fever. This time, he decided not to undergo chemotherapy and seek another way to seek medical treatment.
After communicating with several patients, I decided to come here to try. I want to know if this lung cancer can be treated without surgery?  Is there any other method to treat it?  Mr. Wang came from Huyi to the Xian International Medical Center Hospital's Department of Respiratory Medicine, and immediately made a request to Dr. Fan Jianyong when he entered the door.
It turned out that Mr. Wang was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the lung (left main bronchus) in July last year and underwent chemotherapy. A series of adverse reactions during chemotherapy made him very painful. Half a year later, he developed cough and fever, and often felt short of breath.
After assessing the patient's condition, Dr. Fan Jianyong immediately formulated a personalized treatment plan. "Lung squamous cell carcinoma is a common malignant tumor, with high incidence in middle-aged and elderly populations. This tumor develops rapidly in patients. It is recommended to perform bronchial tumor resection under rigid bronchoscopy, which is a non-thoracotomy treatment method that can effectively solve the problem of ventilation in tracheal tumors."

Subsequently, with the full cooperation of the Department of Hand Surgery, Director Fan Jianyong performed the surgery for the patient. Due to the tumor almost blocking the left main bronchus, the surgery also increased the difficulty. During the operation, Director Fan Jianyong used comprehensive interventional therapy methods such as electrotome and disposable electric snare to successfully remove the tumor in the patient's airway.  The patient's vital signs were stable after surgery and the airway was opened.

After two rounds of PTS treatment on the remaining lesions, Mr. Wang was finally able to breathe freely.
Director Fan Jianyong said that the department had conducted respiratory intervention therapy for several lung cancer patients. Under the multidisciplinary treatment model, the respiratory department and the anesthesiology department have worked together to add new options for lung cancer intervention therapy.
For a long time, under the leadership of Wu Changgui, the director of the chest hospital, the respiratory medicine team has actively and normatively carried out a number of new interventional therapy technologies for airway and lung diseases, leading the continuous updating and progress of the respiratory discipline construction in our hospital.